About us

  • Fiodor


    To study and improve experience

    FiodorFounder, CEO

    Buggy delivery and poor programming are tedious and too expensive to maintain in the long run. I've seen such a problems in my career, so now I know how to prevent them and meet all the expectations. In this case, we perform four test phases to ensure that you get a great product at launch and that will last for a long time.

  • Kseniya

    Eager to

    getting new knowledge

    KseniyaProject Manager

    Planned and successfully executed large b2b and b2c projects; have a passion to solve challenging tasks and know how to do it autonomously with taking personal responsibility; obtained great practical knowledge of building long term and trustful relations with clients from all over the world.

  • Vitaly




    Every website and project is a challenge for our team. Therefore we prefer to handle difficult and creative projects in case we find them more exciting. And, of course, we believe in a long term relationship and offer fully customized support contracts that even includes external customer support.

  • Andrew



    AndrewPHP developer

    My main strength is an in depth knowledge of PHP and YII Framework (1st and 2nd versions). I have extensive experience and knowledge of all Linux systems and options. I believe myself to be a talented programmer.

  • Javlon



    JavlonPHP Developer

    I like WordPress most, but feel comfortable to work with other platforms. I am self-organised, detail-oriented and strive for the highest quality in my work.

  • Denis


    Never give up

    DenisPHP developer

    My expertise is building extremely scalable web-services using PHP. I believe my strong points are Accuracy and Punctuality.