Our work

This is our stuff. We really proud of what we do and we take every project carefully. We have invested in the following web businesses that serve thousands of users daily.

  • Booncase Project

    Booncase Project

    HTML-coding and CSS-styling, done for our German partner  
  • Unismoke


    Responsive coding for e-comemerce project Unismoke.
  • Malle Project

    Malle Project

    A little bit of French parfume. To use the reference, please click Connexion.  
  • Sefico


    Responsive coding and programming on the WordPress site of the French investment company.  
  • СМСки.бел


    Responsive html with animation and parallax with beautiful display on all devices for SMS-Assistent.
  • Akor


  • Agence Publics

    Agence Publics

  • LascalaGrande


  • Bookscriptor


    HTML-coding and back-end development
  • vpodarok.ru


    Server and client side development, technical support. Currently we are working on a redesign of the project.

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